Carlijn Geluk

In 2018, I embarked on an exciting and unfamiliar journey,  not to some far away land, but into the depths of ‘me’, let’s call it an “inner journey”  On this inner- journey, I am learning more and more to listen to my intuition, follow its path. This has led me towards several exciting adventures so far. Firstly, starting my own business! Facilitating expeditions to Nepal and soon Costa Rica, to reconnect people to themselves, to nature, and another culture. Secondly, it has led me to following 2 yoga trainings this past year, 200h YTT and a 50h Yin training.
When the first course crossed my path, I couldn’t really grasp why I felt I should do the training. But along the way, it became clearer and clearer. Yoga helped me reconnect with my body and awareness, on a level I didn’t know was possible. I had not realised previously, that my presence was placed outside of myself. I learned to be present within my own body, to listen to what she has to say. Yes this might sound crazy, but our body holds so much wisdom, we just need to be still and present enough to hear and feel it!
In my classes, I hope to help students start a new kind of dialogue with their body. To accept and integrate what is, and to create space to come home into your own body. To see the infinite possibilities, even in the most limited range of motion. Both on the matt, as off the mat 🙂
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