close up childs pose

Yin yoga

A perfect yogas style to start with. Yin yoga is a static form of yoga focused on connective tissue. Yin yoga is a nice contrast to all of the yang (active) sports or other forms of yoga.

During this class you remain in a pose for a couple of minutes while trying to relax your muscles. The connective tissue in your body responds to these mild stresses and becomes smoother and more elastic. In yin yoga the focus is more o relaxing and letting go than with the yang yoga forms.



You can follow this class from home as well. I recommend you to find a quite place. It’s nice to have a yoga mat available. If a yoga block or some books are available, keep it available during class. A blanket for savasana is comfortable as well.

15 minutes before class start you can log in so you have plenty time available to be ready.


  • The class is donation based so you can decide the amount you want to donate
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