Detox and chakra activation – Meditation and Vinyasa special


This Yoga Special will focus on cleansing our body, mind, and soul through our chakras. Our chakras are home to our flow of energy, emotions, state of mind, attitudes and even health. Having a sore throat, back pain, low sex drive, depression, anxiety, all these symptoms or emotions indicate that a certain chakra is blocked and energy can no longer flow through.

Beginning with an introductory chakra activation, warm up, and through breathing techniques, we will prepare the body and mind for our practice. From here, moving into an awakening and energetic power Vinyasa specialized on cleansing and unblocking each of the seven main chakras. Finally, a guided meditation will take us back to a soothing relaxing state, grounding and healing the body and mind.

This series is best suited to yogis with some experience, although keen beginners are more than welcome.


This special is on February 24th from 4 pm till 5:15 pm

The costs for this special is €20,- pp and is non refundable


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Detox and chakra activation- Meditation and Vinyasa special